1. What does design and build mean?
Design and build mean a project delivery system for the office design where the partner organisation, for example office fit out company, takes the project from the planning phase through to implementation. The office fit out company personally manages the entire project for office design from concept through to delivery. Office design company usually takes responsibility for dealing with many suppliers who provide a range of different services. Design and Build project system can help to deliver significant savings and speed up the process.
Kova Interiors` experts work together on a tightly co-ordinated plan and controlled budget for office fit out. In London we can source all our materials at the best prices making you even further savings.


2. What is Office Space Planning for?
The average office space allocation is about 12 sq m per person. Office Space Planning allows to analyse the office specifics to apply advanced furniture strategies and space saving devices and to reduce office space allocation to 8 sq m per person.
Office design studies confirmed that the average office desk is only used for around 40% of the working day and most meeting rooms only being used for 10%. There are many of simple design techniques to help you get the very best from your office space. Our experts can apply innovative methods and processes to make your office environment as productive as the people in it.


3. How does office design improve productivity?
There are many potential benefits to refreshing your office environment such as:
Safer environment, Staff satisfaction, Brand recognition, Space optimisation. Office design that encourages creativity and communication, reflects the activities carried out within it and prioritises employee’s` wellbeing will lead effortlessly to better productivity. Happy people are 31% more productive, accordingly will generate more sales and less likely to leave your organisation.
Many surveys around office environment show that London offices` staff agreed that their productivity at work can be improved through office design and the most common improvements such as:
– Creating space to relax in
– Investing in advanced technology
– Having quiet spaces for private work
– Clearing off office clutter
Kova Interiors` experts can help you find the best and most cost-effective ways to create the work environment which can contribute to your companies’ goals.


4. How much does office fit out cost?
You can get estimate  with our bespoke office fit out calculator on kova.uk.com now.

The cost for office refurbishment depends on the specific requires. Every project is unique and before providing any final price we arrange a consultation in order to define specific needs. After that we can provide you a synopsis of the anticipated costs. At Kova Interiors we are not tend quoting a price to a client and then sending a list of extra’s at the invoice stage.


5. How long does office refurbishment usually take?
There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for this and in every case. The duration of office fit out will be depending on the size of the office, the number of employees and the extent of refurbishment.
Typical fit out lasts about 8-12 weeks. In Kova Interiors we can provide modular building solutions where limited drying time is needed. So, it would be possible to install a small office in 1-2 days and speed up the refurbishment process.


6. How to manage and plan office fit out?
You can plan your office fit out process through 4 stages.
First stage is feasibility. This includes space planning, building regulation and budgeting.
Second stage is liabilities which refer to building inspection; lease implications; management and maintenance.
On the third stage you need to agree the architectural design, conduct competitive tendering and assign contract administration who also can take responsibility for cost control.
The last forth stage covers pre-contract agreement and compliance, planning out-going repairs, landlord`s consent for in-going fit-out.


7. How to minimise disruption during the office refurbishment to keep the business running?
There are a few ways to reduce inconvenience of fit-out in your office. One of them is planning the more disruptive elements of the refurbishment out of normal operating hours in order to minimise disruption to your business. Work zones can be managed to ensure segregation of client and contractor access points, facilities, and noise creation periods.


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