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How to clean an office after fit-out or relocation

How to clean an office after fit-out or relocation

4 years ago
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An office needs to be a productive place, and the more comfortable it is, the more likely it is that things are going to get done. Decorating, relocating or complete re-fits of your office can throw a bit of a spanner in the works, but as long as you take the time to clean, or get it cleaned properly, when the time comes for you to get back in, you can make it your space once again. The key is to have the right info. Whether you’re dealing with it yourself or contracting the work out, here’s how to clean an office after a fit-out or relocation.

  1. Dust then vacuum

First up, whether you’ve relocated, re-fit or redecorated, the odds are there’ll be plenty of debris left over. So before you move onto the smaller tasks and concerning yourself with learning how to clean a mirror, get your office clear of the dust and grime. 

You’ll want the dusting and vacuuming done as soon as possible, and certainly before you start bringing in any large office furniture. Pay particularly close attention to areas that dust and grime love to sneak into, for example, the corners of your room, around lights and switches, and in any air filters or fans you may have. Check and check again, and make sure you’re happy before moving on.

  1. Wipe down hard surfaces

Ensure that existing shelving, desks, door frames, inside cabinets and other hard surfaces are thoroughly wiped down. Again, this is going to be a lot easier if it’s done before you start setting up your workspace. If you’re using any new cleaning solution, just be sure it’s tested on an inconspicuous area before going all out.

  1. Attention to detail

The big jobs are done, now it’s on to the finishing touches. Making sure smaller items don’t get missed out is one of the key steps of making an office look and feel great after it’s been re-fit or decorated. And attention to detail plays a huge role. For example, knowing how to clean a mirror properly will make your workspace shine in more ways than one. 

Picture frames, shelves, even plant pots – cast your eye around the room and make a list of the items that you might otherwise miss. And if you’re getting the professionals into complete every task, make sure you give the list to them!

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  1. Start as you mean to go on

Finally, once you’re ready to bring everything back in, make sure you set up the office as you’ll want it going forward. The more organised you are at the outset, the easier it’ll be to keep on top of things in the future.

If your office has been fit-out or you’re about to relocate, follow these tips to make the workspace comfortable and productive again.

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