Kova Interiors Office Fit Out Experts

There could be many reasons why you decide to go for a refurbishment of a new or present office space. For example, your old space is not large enough to support the development of your business, or your lease is about to expire so you need to find a new office space.

Whatever your reason for an office fit out, it is essential to think through the office fit out costs, and discuss precise prices with interior design contractors.

You can find out the estimated refurbishment cost with our online calculator. Here at Kova we are happy to define a precise price after visiting your building and discussing your project.

Calculate cost now by using an interior fit out estimator.

You office fit out cost will be composed of many variables:

  • Building (size, age, location, structure, specifications)
  • Type and state of ventilation systems, power supply, heating, plumbing etc.
  • AV and ICT systems required for your office
  • Furniture requirements
  • What kind of changes your office needs (traditional or design and build)

Before you start planning your office fit out cost, try to narrow down a budget at the outset of a project.

1. Analysis

It’s quite common for a fit out to be needed because the existing office set up isn’t sufficient anymore, or is behind the times.

A strategic evaluation not only defines how much space you need; crucially, it also analyses how your team could make more efficient use of space.

This can help to identify significant savings and also determine future requirements for growth and internal changes.

2. Fit Out Requirements

Before considering any interior design fee with a calculator in your hand you must decide what kind of fit out you want: structural or cosmetic? While you are planning a simple cosmetic office fit out, the cost on your calculator might significantly increase when you find out that you need, for example, some structural changes too.

3. Furniture and Finishes

Every scenario and fees for a particular project will be different, according to individual requirements and project specifications. While you are counting office fit outs costs, add to your calculator your estimated budget for different parts of your project:

  • Flooring requirements
  • New reception
  • Number of meeting rooms
  • Kitchen area
  • Lighting
  • Furniture

To find out the interior design cost before planning anything, use our online calculator now.