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A Few Handpicked Office Design Trends 2019-2020

A Few Handpicked Office Design Trends 2019-2020

3 years ago
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A Few Handpicked Office Design Trends 2019-2020  - Photo №1

Christmas and New Year are around the corner! Do you want to transform your London office into a unique place to work in? Then there are several office design London trends that will allow you to infuse the best into your workplace. We at KOVA Interiors being in the office design industry for years now can provide you with designs, layout possibilities, 3D visualizations, walkthroughs as well as expert advice as far as office design in London is concerned.

However, we also understand how crucial it is to stay in trend and that is why we have brought you some of the modern and efficient office design trends of 2019-2020. So check out the office design trends below and we will help you in crafting a new office of your dreams for you!

  • Technology Laden Offices

Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives and influences us at every level of our life. The offices today are hence becoming more technology-driven and practical. It is an undeniable fact that technology grows by leaps and bounds and affects the way we work to a great extent. Several technological inventions such as smartphones, tablets, social networks and likewise have become a fundamental part of every work environment. And to match the pace of the technological advancement and stay ahead, offices are adapting and incorporating a number of technological elements such as furniture with screens, mobile phone battery chargers and likewise into their workspace.

  • Multifunctional Spaces

Another office design trend that is becoming popular day by day is multifunctional spaces that adapt to the needs of each moment. Some of the multifunctional spaces include versatile informal meeting space, coffee space, small rooms for interviews, private rooms for better concentration and likewise. All these spaces can be transformed according to the needs of each moment. A fixed working position is an old school today and offices are looking for more multifunctional spaces where works can be carried out efficiently as per the moment or task.

  • Injecting Nature to Workspaces

With a rise in demand for eco-friendliness, offices are injecting nature to their workspaces which further creates a pleasant ambiance to work in. Some of the nature infusions include vertical gardens, green spaces, and plants near windows that allow you to breathe fresh air while working. You can also add interior gardens or decorate the workspace with plants to create a pleasant and refreshing work environment.

  • Adding More Relaxation Spaces

Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are giving more importance to leisure and relaxation spaces in order to allow their workers to have a relaxing experience on a workday which will make them feel rejuvenated when they return! You can add game rooms, cafeterias or small gardens at your office premises to make your workers feel contented and energized. You can also add bold colors and interesting shapes to the leisure spaces!

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