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Co-Working: Advantages And Disadvantages

Co-Working: Advantages And Disadvantages

2 years ago
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Office designs in London often have a confusing stand to take regarding coworking. So what exactly are co-working spaces? They are a collaborative space like a cafe, loft, or even an open space. This ensures a community of employees share the same work environment, as opposed to a corporate office. This shared space could be occupied by entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, developers, or even teams, and they might work individually, or socialize and work together on certain projects. The idea here is to network and relax while you work

Advantages of a Co-working Space

Network and Sense of Community

You get to meet with people and companies you wouldnt have interacted with otherwise is a huge advantage with coworking spaces. This allows you to hear new ideas and work with new people. In addition, monthly networking events help you grow your knowhow and introduce you to larger markets, and better ideas. Introductions can eventually turn into longlasting relationships, or even new business ventures or collabs.

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Reduces Loneliness and Gives a Reason to Connect

A network of associatesprofessionals, or even likeminded people around you can reduce the isolation of starting your company from scratch all alone, or even working in a cubicle. Something as irrelevant as a friendly debate with someone sharing the space could bring a sense of belonging and friendliness. This kind of interaction is the key factor that binds everyone together in a co-working space.

Shared and Private Spaces and Resources

Theres plenty of space for collaborations, with lounges, writable walls, or conference rooms. If you need privacy and individual productivity, you can easily block rooms or private offices, where you can work uninterrupted.

Scalability and Cost Saving

You can economically scale up or down as per requirements. It’s easy to find space, and there are no prior commitments.

Disadvantages of a Co-working Space

Lack of Privacy

Co-working spaces might not be all that great for people who like to work in privacy, especially freelancers and entrepreneurs. There might also be difficulty in having business discussions in a common area, where you could be overheard easily.

Booking a private booth for this purpose might require you to use a fewcreditsas well. You could opt for a private studio that can act as a private office. While this costs less than a traditional leased office, it allows you the privacy and flexibility of an office.

IT Security

While most co-working spaces have dedicated IT security, such security is in no way 100% foolproof. The shared network increases security risks if you do not ask for a leased network from the provider, with dedicated IT security staff.

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Tech and Infrastructure Hassles

Since youll be using shared resources, there might be a possibility that the tech you need isnt easily available. Not having enough electrical outlets, or ergonomic chairs might hamper your workflow.

It is always wise to weigh the pros and cons and then opt for a working space, co-working, or not.


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