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Human-Centric Trends of Office Furniture Installation

Human-Centric Trends of Office Furniture Installation

5 years ago
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As an employer, you cannot deny the fact that your employees spend much time in the office on working days and sometimes this time limit exceeds the time they spend at their homes. Therefore, it becomes your primary concern to provide them with a sense of convenience and comfort to work effectively for long hours. Isn’t it? According to Forbes, the employees who enjoy and love their working environments end up being more active, productive, engaged, happy and healthy! Also, one of the most essential aspects of better office design is the office furniture. As your employees need to sit for long hours, they seek comfortable furniture to work on.

Are you also looking for office furniture installation in London? However, unsure what type of furniture is right for your office décor and structure? Then we at KOVA Interiors have brought to you some of the office furniture trends that are hitting the market in 2019 and are suitable for every office below. 

Human-Centric Designs

This has been evident from the last few years that businesses are prioritising well-being and comfort of their employees more as this will ultimately result in higher productivity. Also, because of this Biophilic designs are given more preference nowadays. The bottom line of all this is that businesses are putting the people first!

A survey by the American Productivity and Quality Center says that 56 per cent of the employees feels stuck in static workplaces like cubicles and the labelled offices behind closed doors. However, in today’s collaborative working environment such office designs cannot satisfy the needs of the employees and can hinder their productivity at work!

Creative and Innovative Furniture that Promotes Teamwork

Collaboration or teamwork is always backed by creativity and innovation. Therefore, it is necessary to design collaborative spaces where employees can have natural interactions and collaborations with their teammates efficiently. For instance, if you install larger desks to your office space, it will allow more than one employee to sit and work together comfortable in the same space. In the meantime, you can add the touchdown areas with sofas and other group seating options which will encourage natural brainstorming sessions!

Also, when you minimise the obstructions such as walls, dividers, doors and likewise, it enables your employees to engage with their colleagues in a better way. Reconfigurable office furniture helps employees in optimising their workspaces for collaboration whenever there is a need to shift for group works from their quiet individual work.

Logically, when you consider installation of larger desks, easy-to-move desk chairs, sofas, coffee table and room dividers and partitions within your workspace, it enhances the collaboration among your employees leading to higher productivity. Besides these ideas, you can also incorporate technology to the office furniture installation in London like ports in every desk and near the chair, smart boards as well as integrated tech furniture integrating HVDC abilities with screens, ports and wires.

To make your employees feel even more comfortable, you can also opt for home styled office furniture that includes sofas and armchairs, end tables, coffee tables and so on!

So whichever option you choose for your office we at KOVA Interiors will make sure to provide you with the professional office furniture installation in London from start to finish. We also guarantee you to help you find the right type of furniture from design to layout. For more information contact us today at 0845 625 6241 or email us at

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