Office Furniture

Increasing productivity is about organising the workplace to help each part run smoothly and to encourage every employee to do the best of their ability. The level of productivity within a company directly influences its performance in general.

Not only does high productivity result in better profits, it can also reduce expenses, because less time is wasted during the daily operations of your business.

KOVA offers office fit out and furniture installation services to help you transform your business and achieve better results.

If you are looking to update your office or restructure your layout, contact us directly for a visit or refurbishment advice and find out how office space furniture can improve productivity.

Office chairs

Decent office chairs are much easier on the back, ensuring that your staff minimise the risk of back problems. Good office chairs should have armrests and adjustments to help your employees find a comfortable position and be less distracted during the working day.

Sit-Stand work-station

Offering your staff a Sit-Stand work-station can help reduce health insurance and increase the wellbeing, health and safety of your employees.

Office colour

Colour is important in many aspects of the modern workplace. For example, bright colours can create an enjoyable working environment and encourage your employees to achieve better productivity.

Office partitions

If your business requires various activities, it is worth considering separating the space into multiple areas, using glass partitions to let the natural light flow through the office.

Office furniture layout

When employees can walk freely around the office, they will have less delays in carrying out their duties.

Office plants

Plants can clean air in the office by removing pollutants and stabilising humidity levels.