Wall Decoration: Types and Features of Materials

Companies and workers find office decor a challenging topic. While everybody wants their workspace decor to be pleasing to the eyes and inspirational, it can be hard to plan it sometimes. In most cases, the office space is too small to place any prominent decor items that can add to the aesthetics. However, even the smallest of office spaces have walls. Therefore, wall decoration is a crucial part of office decor designing. Let us look at the different wall design ideas that you can incorporate into your office, without much difficulty. 

1.Canvas with Motivational Quotes

The professional environment can become dull sometimes, and the hardships faced at work can make things worse. In these times, every worker looks for some source of motivation to move past this slump. Wall decor can play an important role in this regard. You can hang a canvas on the office wall with an inspirational quote written on it. Besides, the canvas can even have some work-related tips or some professional advice written on it that can help the workers to focus on their work. 

2.Paint the Walls in Brand Colours

Wall decoration does not always require elaborate additions. To make a statement, you can simply mix and match the paint to reflect the brand colors on the walls. While it helps in representing the company’s identity , it is also the most suitable option when you cannot think of anything else. 

3.Removable Wallpapers

Murals and removable wallpapers are popular options for wall decor these days. You can even choose a wallpaper matching the theme of your office. Generally, these wallpapers help make the atmosphere lively. 

4.Glass Partitions

You can install designer glass panels in your office, as they  add a decorative, as well as a functional element to the interior design. These panels generally serve as glass partitions to create small spaces inside the office. These glass partitions reflect light and give the office a more spacious look. Moreover, glass panels can have creative designs like backsplash, catalog, corrugation, etc., which can make even a boring office space look lively. 


Another minimalistic decor idea for office walls is to put up mirrors at suitable locations. Hanging mirrors on the walls can make any room look spacious. Moreover, mirrors give the office a polished and professional look. Again, just like the glass partitions, mirrors also have functional value. Workers will not have to visit the washroom frequently to check their appearance. Like it or not, it is an added benefit for some people. 

6.Wooden Shelves

Another way of enhancing the professional look of the office space is to attach floating shelves on the walls. The shelves don’t just help organise files and documents, but also give a neutral look to the walls that complements the simple theme of the office space. 

7.Designer Clipboards

Designer clipboards have become a popular trend for office interior design. Workers who want to keep track of their task list, but do not want to add unnecessary clutter around them will benefit from these clipboards. These clipboards can give a neat and professional look to the walls, and they also help in providing access to any detail the employees require while working. 

Pictures: www.unsplash.com, www.pixabay.com, Kova Interiors