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Office Space Planning: 3 Vital Things to Consider

Office Space Planning: 3 Vital Things to Consider

5 years ago
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Proper office space planning is the most critical aspect to consider when it comes to office relocation or expansion. To find out how to best use space, develop a strong work culture, and maximise output, you must give top priority to your office space planning in London.

However, to plan your office space properly, you will want to consider these three aspects mentioned below:

Think How Your Business Will Use The Space:

How your business will use the space? This is perhaps the first and foremost question you should ask yourself before starting your office space planning process.

Will each of your personnel require a dedicated workstation? Can you make use of a more open floor plan? Does your workplace have clients visiting often? These are the question you should have in your mind before hiring a contractor for professional office space planning in London.

Your work space must support your business – for instance, you should not be paying heavily for a meeting room you never use or arranging meetings in an overcrowded workplace because your space doesn’t have ample breakout rooms to work together.

Open Space or Cubicles:

One continuing argument that has been raging in the office space planning industry for quite some time is whether it is wise to go for an open office plan or enclosed cubicles.

Well, the decision strongly relies on your industry & what influence your team to perform.

Do you get improved outcomes by collaborating & interacting with your team or do your staffs perform better in a focused environment?

Discuss with your office space planner to develop the perfect office space that suits your industry and working style the best.

Going Remote:

With the increasing use of cloud computing, a lot of businesses these days have started to use remote working concepts to provide their staff with a little more liberty in working from home or remotely from the works pace.

If your office has a remote work policy, your space planner may take into account the space consumption proportion as they create the most productive, affordable layout.

For instance, your office may have 90 workers, but only 60 of them are in the workplace at any one time. This perhaps provides your planner with a better chance to minimise the footprint & develop a workstation arrangement that’s more cost-efficient.

An excellent idea may be to incorporate a space where the floor plan is flexible with furnishing which lets you keep your works pace comfortable regardless of how many or how less personnel shows up physically at any particular time.

Space plans are a vital part of any office design and the office planners at Kova Interiors employ their creative expertise & client insight to make sure a successful office space planning in London. Get in touch with us now to discuss your office space planning needs and take advantage of our exceptional office planning services in London.

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