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Trends in office design in 2019: Activity Based Working

Trends in office design in 2019: Activity Based Working

4 years ago
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Activity Based Working  is a combination of open, private, team and breakout spaces. Employees can decide where and how they would like to work depending on the task and their work approach. It`s believed that Activity Based Working (ABW) leads to higher productivity and lower employee turnover.

That is why ABW has been a widely used design strategy for the last years. But in 2019 companies have been developing the concept and have moved to the next stage of ABW.

Employees not have assigned desks, alternatively, there is a greater focus on the work environment. Providing employees freedom to choose where they work managers need to think through personal storage, centralised locker systems will be the norm.

Open-plan areas still popular but require well thought-out designs. Bigger workstation in clustered position rather than row upon row features screens to create privacy. The number of positions within each area should be low with the space divided by glass partitions or meeting and focus rooms.

The next generation of ABWbrings transform breakout spaces designed to accommodate individual work. These types of spaces feature home-style interiors, where employees feel comfortable.

Research from the Architectural Firm Gensler has found that two-thirds of workers believe they are more efficient when they can work closely with others. So ABW also provides comfort spaces for team collaboration. Opposite, workplaces should also feature quiet zones, to provide people space to focus and avoid interruptions while background noise is minimised. Accordingly, this means more features such as sound proofing glass walls and clear separation of areas.

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