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What Are The Benefits of an Open Plan Office Design?  

What Are The Benefits of an Open Plan Office Design?  

5 years ago
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When it comes to running an office It’s not always office design the owners of a company think first. Although it is not something that should be completely overlooked. There are many advantages for adopting an open plan and it is better to explore these benefits before deciding about office design. You should consider if an open plane office design would be suitable for your organisation.

You can use the office design to convey powerful messages to your clients, vendors and other businesses about the scale and function of the office. Apart from that, your employees can thrive with full productivity in a good office environment with the appropriate design.

1.  Workflows

When you get rid of traditional barriers such as high-walled cubicles, walls and doors  you can achieve higher rates of collaboration among your employees. Having desks in an open space they would be able to feel free to approach one other to discuss new ideas, innovate and grow without any obstacles.

Logical approach to locating teams, departments and heads of departments according to workflows and working relationships improves communication and collaboration. It also directly increases productivity, service quality, response speeds, office politics, and other factors. In order to succeed, you need to consider how to set up the most effective interaction between people and shared printers, photocopiers, the post room, and teleconference suite.

2.   Work styles

When you’re planning your office design alongside many of other considerations to review, such as efficiency, technology, environmental sustainability and DDA compliance. You should think workflows, work styles and welfare on the first stages to design the perfect office layout.

Work style covering pretty much everything, for example, field-based staff, client visits, meeting room usage, teleconferencing, the use of technology and office equipment.

Carefully review how much space are you dedicating to meeting rooms, consider introducing hot desk, explore a key client’s route through your office. This will help you to make efficient use of space and create a perfect office design layout. By adopting an open office plan, companies can refrain expensive office equipment and construction costs. Instead businesses can invest towards increasing their growth and scale.

3. Management and Staff Well being

It is important to understand employees and their needs when planning new office design.  An open office can improve managers and supervisor’s performance and it serves as a good thing for employees as well. Supervisors can understand better workplace problems and solve them faster since they can communicate with employees directly versus receiving emails and scheduling appointments.

Your office design, and particularly the layout and access to facilities, has a significant impact on your staff`s physical, mental and emotional well being. Its well-known fact that happy staff are more productive. They work better, stay longer, recommend your business and make much better brand ambassadors. Whether you’re just planning desk layouts, having a office fit out or looking for an new office building, then working relationships and personal well being should be one of the priorities.

Never mind the size of your work spaces, it’s possible to create a pleasant office environment for everyone. It includes sensitive space planning, design, comfortable chairs, ergonomic desks and break out areas. If you need to maintain privacy for the meetings in the office, but you do not want to compromise on natural lighting, installing glass walls could be a perfect solution.

Also, glass panels create a sound barrier that is efficient enough to let you work in a quiet and non-disturbing environment when its needed. Glass partitioning is low maintenance systems and you can use them for long without much hassle.

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