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Why changing your office design really worth it?

Why changing your office design really worth it?

5 years ago
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Many chief executives agree that having an inspiring workplace environment makes a huge difference. They see office design as an investment to get the best from their employees, rather than a cost to be driven down to the bare minimum.

According to recent statistics the office refit market is booming. Deloitte’s conducted UK London Crane Survey in 2017 where have been found that office refurbishments outnumber new builds by more than two to one. 

Another poll by Office Genie shows that 45 % admitted the need of collaborative space while 20 % felt their workplace environment actually prevented them doing their job properly.

Interestingly is that having dashed to make offices open plan, research is now challenging this. The Journal of Environmental Psychology in study of 40,000 workers in 300 offices concludes that the benefits of “enhanced interaction were smaller than then inconvenience of increased noise and decreased privacy”.

Nowadays companies trying to reduce the size of their headquarters to make more use of co-working spaces, preserving quiet areas for privacy. Some companies clearly need peace, for example lawyers and financial professionals. But plenty of others may need more stimulating environments. Creativity is fostered in environment that feel buzzy. As such offices is light and open, with plenty of social spaces.  

Make your workplace design working in-line with companies’s needs and values

We all understand the importance for workplace to be functional and engaging. But, as many marketing strategists note, that office space is also an important part of your brand impression. Visitors and employees see the office space as an continuous of company culture. 

In order to make your office space reflect your office values its better to start by listing company’s values. 

The office design process is a great opportunity for you to refocus on the principles that are most important to your work. So having values can help you to understand how to translate them into the the new features on work space. Also it helps to create office layout which has a huge impact on the way employees and clients perceive the values of your brand.

For example, mentioned above open work spaces reflects an emphasis on collaboration and communication. Offices with features like video-game rooms and bowling alleys create the impression of creative, playful, and “cool” company. But it’s important to remember that “one size does not fit all.” If you’re in an industry that value more privacy and confidentiality, perhaps individual offices with lockable doors make more sense. You can also follow the strategy which offering both privacy and a sense of teamwork by using glass-walled offices.

Remember about the power of colour

Because it’s an important factor for branding. Even if your company has a colour scheme for that purpose, don’t be afraid to move beyond those colours. For example, if you want to evoke calming and soothing or energetic and creative environment, you should use the colours that associated those emotions.   

Furniture and decoration can make your office feel professional, trustworthy, rustic, innovative, or any other values you would like to express.

Employees well-being

Keeping your employees happy should be one of your company’s goals for redesigning the office. If so, allow workers to have a say in office design and to customise their space. A recent study found that many employees believe they help define workplace culture.  Why not let them do so in a tangible way at the company’s office?

Workplace design has its visual nature, so it is the easiest investment to actually “see”, much more than well being or engagement projects. That’s why chief executives will still invest money into workplace environment. While the return of investment is difficult to see, good office design isn’t.

Call Kova Interiors to talk about your dream office design in London. Our experts can analyse your needs, re-evaluate your premises show you how to get your employees and space working in perfect harmony. Get in touch with us now to begin office design process.

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