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Bright Office for Efficient Work

Bright Office for Efficient Work

2 years ago
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Having a bright office has a lot of benefits. It has been proven that employee productivity is greatly affected by the work conditions. 

Guillaume Vidal, CEO of Green Creative says that bright and sterile office lights, which is what most organisations use, are not great from a health perspective. It is important to use natural light in an office, as the more of it you use, the better mental health your employees will have. In fact, it plays a great role in transforming your workplace from a dull and dreary place to a hub of innovative ideas. 

Wondering what to do about this? You can take a number of easy steps to prevent people from stressing out in the office.

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1.You could introduce panels with glare control diffuses to allow soft, natural light. It is the harsh lights that damage productivity. This is because they induce panic and stress in the body. Bright office spaces lets your employees concentrate and influences their mood positively. Spaces that allow natural light in during the day, and also have proper lighting during night can give you the ideal work environment.

Natural, artificial, bright, dim, blue or yellow light can affect the rhythm of your body. Creative ideas mostly come out when you have well rested employees who are alert and energized.

2.LED lights are a great choice, with longer lifespans. They also do not use excess energy via IR. They can also be dimmed according to the day or season. This allows them to mimic natural light. 

Natural light is also a great way to keep your employees motivated. Employees with constant exposure to natural light are reported to have better hormonal levels, lower strain in vision, fewer headaches and so on.

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3.A great way to ensure a well lit office space is to have glass partitions as opposed to traditional wooden partitions. Glass partitions are a great facilitator of natural light. They allow light from the windows or other open spaces to flow freely. This also allows employees to get accustomed to the natural circadian rhythm. In addition, they also allow more productivity and focus.

You can have large areas for collaboration, or even meeting spaces that are separated by glass walls. These walls can be soundproofed if you need, giving you privacy, but not keeping you completely isolated.

Glass walls with milky or frosted patterns are great to mellow out lights too. Make sure your lighting follows a natural rhythm. They shouldn’t be too harsh, as this could be stressful. But they also shouldn’t be too light, as this dim setting could make employees sleepy. Finding the perfect balance between the two is what makes for a great environment.

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A bright office environment is vibrant and gives an approachable, warm vibe. This is welcoming, and is the optimal environment to cultivate new ideas and better workplace relationships. So choose carefully.


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