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Tree in the office interior

Tree in the office interior

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Tablets and software to allocate and manage space improve productivity at work, and make for a better working environment. But there are a few natural ways you can make use of and achieve the same purpose.

Trees and plants inside office spaces make for a warm, open atmosphere, bettering performance. Indoor plants are proven to increase creativity and retention. Flowers increase the general happiness of people working in these spaces. This could also boost income and profits for your organization. This is exactly why this trend is gaining traction in workspaces around the world.

You can create an effect of a receding landscape, which seems natural by placing the larger plants close to work areas and shorter plants farther away. Placing them at random, and inducing colour and a mixture of plants can also be a great way to spruce up the color at the office.

Tree in the office interior  - Photo №1

The best idea would be to have plants placed next to open spaces and windows. This draws attention to natural light and has a higher probability of affecting employees.

Plants provide a better quality of air, acting as natural filters. This means that they get rid of toxins from the air, and give better air by emitting water vapour in the air. This would mean cooler office spaces and a much more pleasant environment.

Some plants can counter the ozone that might be a byproduct of fax and copy machines. They can also alleviate headaches induced by particles from systems or desktop setups.

Live plants are a sustainable option, as they forego all the harm that comes out of the production and transportation process. Preservation chemicals and energy-intensive light which may be used to force blooming of cut flowers is also not a factor with live plants, making them a much better choice.

Indoor plants can be a very effective noise buffer up to 5 decibels. Thick foliage is a great buffer and could be perfect outside focus pods or meeting rooms. They are a great addition to other works of art or photography exhibits. They can liven up the office, and also offer a plethora of health benefits.

Tree in the office interior  - Photo №3

Occasionally looking after these plants give a much-needed break to employees, be it to water a plant, or hold a plant near sunlight. They can have a soothing effect on the minds and boost overall mental health as well as performance.

Creating the perfect office space is a gradual process. It involves lots of planning. It is also important that you choose elements that represent your organization’s values. 

Choosing elements that go well together, and simultaneously boost employee performance become crucial to the perfect office fit-out. This requires a thorough understanding of different elements, what each one could do, and what suits you best.

Once you have all the elements figured out, all you have to do is put them together in harmony. This is your stepping stone to creating an office that is perfect for your organization, your employees and your clients!


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