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Office Space Planning for Millennials – A Few Aspects to Look Upon!

Office Space Planning for Millennials – A Few Aspects to Look Upon!

3 years ago
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Is your office space up to date and millennial friendly? The work space is changing with time and to sustain in the race you must match up with the pace. By 2025 it is believed that about 80 percent of the workforce will be young who require space for collaboration, places to chill out, recharge themselves and stay connected with their co-workers along with getting the comforts home and an eco-friendly and healthy atmosphere to work in.

As an employer you need to understand the needs of the younger generation employees and the ways to accommodate them. Sounds frightening right? Do not worry we at KOVA Interiors can help you with that, we can make your office space millennial friendly through smart designs. We specialise in office space planning in London. We understand the various needs of the existing and future generation employees well and know how to amalgamate all the needs and provide you with the best office space that suits all.

We being in this business for years now know that a millennial friendly office space is not just the aesthetics but is about enhancing the work space experience for employees in overall. So following are a few aspects that we consider while planning office spaces to make them up to date. Just have a look –

  • Homely comforts

The younger generation is habituated to stay constantly connected with the world. And with the access to emails and friends they remain in touch with their home life and work life 24/7. While at workplace they seek a comfort just like their homes and such a design is termed as a work casual plan. This design lets the employees integrate their work life with simple home comforts such as a kitchen for storing their food/snacks, spaces with couches or comfy furniture for collaborating with their coworkers and some quiet zones for working with complete focus.

  • Collaboration and Creative Space

To make your employees work more creatively and providing them variety in their work environments and supporting their social interaction desires during the workday spaces of collaboration and creativity are a must in every work space. This is because they stay connected with the world 24/7 and get opportunities to work with different people in different areas! In short, here we mean that an office space with fewer cubicles and private cabins and more open spaces for collaboration is the demand of the future generation.

The space of collaboration should be open and comfortable as a flexible work environment helps in increasing the productivity considerably.

  • Eco-Friendliness of the Space

Today’s generation is more concerned and aware of the need of conservation, recycling and the threat of global warming, hence they prefer working in an organisation where environmental practices are given more priority. Hence, we while carrying out office space planning London projects suggest our clients to incorporate recycled materials as much as possible that include office furniture. We also suggest LED lighting instead of fluorescent bulbs and likewise to make the work environment eco-friendly.

  • Space for Health Conscious Employees

Health is the top priority of the younger generation. Therefore, they want a work space that offers them healthy work habits and shows that the organisation is truly concerned about their wellbeing. Hence, incorporating the right chairs for a good seating that encourages good posture and comfort and sit/stand workstations are a must.

These few aspects can change the complete perspective of work culture and improve productivity to a great extent. At KOVA Interiors we believe strongly in implementing clever office space planning in London so that you can future-proof your business hence allowing your space to evolve as you do.

So do you want us to plan your office space for the millennials? Then get in touch with us today at 0208 168 62 41 or 0845 625 62 41. You can also email us at

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