Aftercare is part of the same KOVA team that delivered your office fit out project.Β When we’ve finished your fit out, we review the outcome of the project with your team to document your feedback, establishing any future considerations for your office.

We believe your workplace should continually evolve with your business. We provide periodic workspace health checks to monitor change and assess where and when there is a need to alter your workplace strategy.


We also offer aftercare meetings at 12 months. We continue our communication with clients to anticipate future developments and maintain your office space functionality.


Whether you need a minor refresh or ongoing maintenance our team is here to help. Our experts call upon their in-depth knowledge of your initial layout to adjust your existing workspace. This means we are familiar with your space and office design specifics, like why some details were chosen, and where your furniture came from. This will save you time, and reduce cost and effort.


Here at KOVA we understand that sometimes unpredictable circumstances can force you to delay the decision to go ahead with your project as initially planned. To overcome this we have special measures in place – a team of experts who are willing to carry out any additional work, out of hours, working on weekends and late in the evenings if required, as part of our office aftercare in London.

We can take care of following issues in your office:

  • Dividing an open plan layout
  • Increasing the number of employees in your office
  • Topping up of existing furniture
  • Injecting more energy
  • Providing more storage
  • Increasing soundproofing in spaces in your office
  • Creating new meeting rooms
  • Redecorating and layout changes