Commercial Fit Out

A fit-out makes an interior space suitable for business operation. This includes many aspects, such as furnishing, decorating, electrics and mechanics. Commercial fit out companies based in London provide these services.

How can you save money and time for your fit-out? With a turnkey option. Avoid dealing with multiple contractors — instead, communicate with one contact.

“Shell and Core” offers a basic finish, only covering externals such as cladding and building structure.

“Cat A” (typically the landlord or developer undertakes this work) includes the installation of facilities. This type of project might also include some finish and reception but it would be just empty space, allowing it to offer occupants the chance to create their own design and organise the layout according to business needs.

 A “Cat B” fit-out is commonly undertaken by the tenant and covers everything from creating different rooms to decorating the walls. These commercial fit-outs integrate the features to make a space functional and create a business identity.

Why you should consider a commercial fit-out:

1. More opportunities for further business development

2. Increasing employee satisfaction and productivity

3. Efficient use of space and resources

4. Up-to-date technology and improving communication

5. Creating company identity and refining first impressions

Kova Interiors carries out a range of commercial fit-out projects, including small commercial properties in London with restricted budgets to projects that are on a vast scale. With extensive experience plus a perfect track record, Kova Interiors makes the process stress free.

To begin with, your employees and managers will speak to the designer and project manager in our team, making everyone aware of objectives and needs, and your plans and ideas for your commercial property or office refurbishment. Kova’s friendly team will work alongside you, choosing an appropriate fit-out based on your specific requirements.

 Once we’ve evaluated these needs, it’s time for you to relax while our experts get to work.

Your office should reflect your company’s identity, so you won’t find an “off the shelf” office fit out the best option. Our best designers’ expertise and talent guarantees that a bespoke design for your office space will embrace your organisation culture.