Commercial Office Fit Out

Traditional office space has developed, with companies looking to increase employee efficiency, attract and retain top professionals, and create an engaging work environment. Interior fit out companies in London are re-evaluating the function of office space. Trends include:

● Open space offices
● Bench furniture to increase employee density and collaboration
● The removal of ceiling systems to increase ceiling heights
● Polished concrete floors instead of carpets
● High-end lunch spaces fitted with lounge areas and soft seating

Though popular, these trends have presented many functional and operational challenges for commercial fit out companies in London. But, with the development of new technologies, materials and modern design elements, many office interior fit out companies have been able to meet these challenges with innovative solutions. These include:

● Noise reduction. Noise is the most common concern, as it might distract employees and affect performance. Strategically placing white noise sound-masking systems and devices can help to limit undesired noise. The other option you can apply when planning an office fitout for your company is to install double-glazed glass office walls with special seals and gaskets, as this can help reduce sound disturbance.

● Vibration. If you don’t have any wall partitions and suspended ceilings, this could contribute to noticeable vibration from the slab within steel frame structures. When implementing a commercial fitout for your office, we would suggest reinforcing the existing beams, or installing tuned mass dampers, which helps to absorb the vibration.

● Infrastructure Issues. Most commercial office buildings were not initially designed for increased employee populations. That is why older buildings in London need an office fit-out, as they don’t have a sufficient amount of bathroom plumbing fixtures. London office fit out contractors would offer to redesign bathrooms to accommodate demand.

● Operational Impact. Companies are extending office hours from the standard 9am-5pm to help employees find a better work/life balance. This presents new challenges to maintain and operate the work environment in the company. That is why it’s important to consider durability when selecting and specifying finish materials and equipment for commercial design. Remember that colours, textures and functionality often fade over time.