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Futuristic Design Trends for Workstation in London

Futuristic Design Trends for Workstation in London

5 years ago
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The office space constantly evolves from the desk placement to the modern open plan spaces. Every change in office design caters to the current developments in technology. For instance, the use of pen and paper made way for a typewriter which was replaced by a personal computer.

When it comes to office design in London, what will be the latest trend? Certain things come along with office refurbishment. Please check out the post below and find out how to make your office space futuristic:

Creating a social and meeting space –

In a traditional office, you will find two types of areas where employees get together, formal spaces and informal spaces. The formal spaces are the boardrooms and dedicated meeting rooms for meaningful discussions. The informal spaces are kitchens and cafeterias for gossiping and bonding.

The modern trend in office design blurs the line between these two with dedicated areas provided only for teamwork or meeting spaces. However, in the futuristic design, you can expect social spaces with technology and the internet. They will collect data to know employees use the building. This will help the businesses to create more opportunities for collaboration.

Most companies always look for innovative ways to combine the latest trend of remote work-space with the requirement to collaborate with their employees. The large screen displays, holographic displays and virtual reality headsets are new today and will become ordinary in just a decade or two.

Adding new technology to office interior –

The technology in office has immensely changed over a few decades. Once, employees needed to filing cabinets and whole rooms. But now the data can be stored on a single device or virtual storage.

Therefore, you can say that the change in workplaces is due to the technology we use. The use of desktop PC, internet, networking and email has transformed the communication getaway. Already most organisations move away from stationary PC set-ups to the laptops and tablet devices that provide flexibility.

However, this agile working is well-suited to delivering employees with all of the productivity, communication facilities and data they require. So try to create a flexible work-space as possible.

The next innovations will include increased voice, face and speech recognition along with employees in every industry utilising more intelligent and cognitive applications like AI. The artificial intelligence will make their job a lot easier.

Upgrading infrastructure and services

The development of office has seen a massive growth in paperwork that requires the infrastructure to support them. The current advancement in the desktop PC throughout the decades has changed the way we handle data with networks and services. This way, businesses store and share information with their clients effortlessly.

Meanwhile, the cloud storage with innovate applications designed for collaborations will transform the way your employees work together, creating a seamless workflow. Nevertheless, they are in the office, on the move or working from home.

Final Consideration –

Are you thinking about improving your office design in London? Let Kova Interiors help you embrace the changes the future brings. Our expert office fit-out experts have the experience and expertise to suggest you right ideas for creating an ideal work-space.

If you would like to future-proof your office space, don’t hesitate to call Kova Interiors at 0845 625 6241.

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