Office Dilapidation works

When your business has to leave its premises it is important to leave the office or commercial premises in a good state, as this will ensure you avoid any additional charges and get your deposit back. Those conditions should be mentioned in your lease.

Office dilapidations in London and reinstatement might be required for tenants leasing a property ‚ÄĒ for example, restoration works. The scale of restoration work varies depending on the agreement with the landlord. For example, it can mean just a request to leave the property in good condition.¬†¬†In some other cases, landlords may request to leave the premises in better condition than when the tenant moved in.

What if you do not fulfil the dilapidation obligations?

If you failed to facilitate the agreements according to your contact in regards to your office or commercial dilapidation, your landlord can claim damages for any loss that happened.¬†It’s recommended before signing a lease, that tenants should ask advice from a chartered surveyor in order to understand how to avoid, limit or reduce dilapidations.

Our expert team will take care of everything, from electrics and plumbing to painting and decorating, to get signed off by meeting the landlord’s requirements.

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